The Band


Empathy Machine is an alternative electronic funk trio based in Berlin with an explosive LIVE sound.

This Live Act originally from Bogota-Colombia combines the deep and magical elements from synthesizers, drum machine and the awesome sound of a funky guitar.

House, Techno and Funk are interpreted 100% live no computer and with an easy technical set up fitting everywhere.

In their sets, Empathy Machine mainly improvises and combines the improvisation with own compositions and, if the dance floor requests it, with own electronic versions and jams of some of the greatest party songs of all time (e.g. from Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Queen, INXS ...). You will see the members constantly interacting with each other all the time creating music and variations in real-time.

This develops a unique sound which is sure to turn you into a real Empathy Machine.

These guys only want to play music and make people aware, that Empathy is one of the most powerful keys to change the world. We invite you to help us achieve these goals with your support.

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